About Us

Who We Are


The Reformers' Initiative for Development in Africa (Reformers of Africa) is a non-profit, pan-African civic-tech organization— dedicated to promoting and supporting ideals, principles and practices of participatory governance, digital social innovation, peace and government accountability in Africa. From Nigeria to South Sudan, Namibia to DRC, Tunisia to Comoros Island, South Africa to other parts of Africa, we are building a community of reformers marked by innovation, collective intelligence, collaboration and the grit to advocate for institutional reforms and influence social change.

Reformers of Africa takes cognisance of the peculiarity and diversity of Africa in formulating policies and in executing projects. It is our belief that the development of Africa cannot be solely based on received ideas or external influence; our cultural content and native intelligence must be inculcated.

The core of our intervention is employing digital technologies to address social problems and stimulating citizens’ participation in the process of governance.


Our mission is to promote and support ideals, principles and practices of participatory governance, digital social innovation, peace and government accountability in Africa.



The idea of citizen participation and engagement is that society and democracy works better when citizens are actively engaged and consulted on matters that shape the development of their society.

If we, the people begin to actively get involved in the governance and political process of our society, things will change for the better.

Reformers of Africa formulates and executes initiatives, dedicated towards shaking off public complacency and stimulating citizens participation in the decision-making process.

Our social accountability project is born out of the conviction that there is no better way to enhance good governance than a fundamental citizen engagement. For government to work for the common good, citizens must hold leaders accountable, check their conduct and performance as they use public resources to deliver services and improve community welfare. Without proper monitoring and accountability, inefficiencies or corruption often prevent resources in health, education, and other sectors from reaching the citizens who need them most.

Our approach is to make use of digital technologies and offline methodologies to provide information and skills required by citizens and communities to engage the government, understand their policies and hold them accountable. In doing this, we develop a culture of constructive dialogue between the government and the governed, in a bid to enhance the quality of basic public services delivery in health, education, infrastructure, agriculture etc.


The disruptive and transformative power of technology cannot be overemphasized. As a result, we develop, promote and support digital technologies that tackles social challenges.

We engage and partner with technology-driven organizations, International Corporations and Development Partners to grow and scale digital social innovation across Africa.


Peace and development are two sides of same coin. At Reformers of Africa, we believe the sustained development of Africa is largely dependent on how well and how long we can stabilise peace and security.

To achieve this, we:

  • formulate and implement programmes that foster peace and build human capacity in communities towards preventing the occurrence of violent conflict.
  • promote the ideals of nonviolence and social justice through the delivery of peace education on topics like, conflict resolution techniques, democracy, environmental responsibility, nonviolence, gender equality, human rights, history, communication skills, peaceful coexistence and international understanding and tolerance of diversity.
  • promote principles and practices of inter faith and inter-ethnic harmony.


Making Africa work requires that we fix our dysfunctional political system and reform our electoral process to be more inclusive, participatory and transparent.

To achieve this, we:

  • promote and support practices that are geared towards the meaningful participation of all citizens in the political process, especially youth, women and marginalised groups.
  • exploit the transformative power of digital technology in promoting political education and participation, particularly among people with the least power in the society, for the purpose of creating a more participatory and effective democracy.
  • empower the electorate through a better dissemination of information relating to political candidates and parties, to enhance their decision-making during elections.
  • advocate for reforms in the electoral process and facilitate public opinion research on elections and other democratic issues.
  • facilitate the process for citizens to hold their leaders accountable and promote responsible governance.


We depend on thorough research to drive our advocacy. We Conduct research and analyse data that provides authoritative and accurate evidence to support our advocacy work on participatory governance, peace, government accountability and digital social innovation.


We believe everything rises and falls on leadership; and that every member of the society is responsible for self-leadership. Self- leadership is a prerequisite for good citizenship.

It is therefore important to build capacities, and skills of the next generation of leaders in public policy, civil society and social entrepreneurship, as well as link them up with opportunities to maximize their potentials and deploy their skills.

Our transformative leadership and capacity development initiatives are aimed at raising role models and leaders that are committed to restore the glory of Africa and her people's faith in her.


  • We believe the development of Africa is a shared responsibility between the government and the governed. It takes two wings for a bird to fly.
  • We believe in the disruptive and transformative power of technology for social and pubic good.
  • We believe that without reforms there can be no progress.
  • We believe that the most powerful office is that of 'The Citizen'
  • We believe that the sustained development of Africa is largely dependent on how well and how long we can stabilise peace and security.
  • We believe that Africa has a wealth of untapped indigenous knowledge that is critical to solving our political and socio-economic challenges. Africa's development must not be solely based on received ideas or external pressure.