African Youth Dialogue

African Youth Dialogue

The Institute of African Leadership for Sustainable Development (UONGOZI Institute) is organising an African Youth Dialogue titled: "Africas Development Question in the Context of the SDGs". 

The key issues for discussion will centre on how the Continents youth perceive Africa's development aspirations, and how these overlap with the SDGs - where there are similarities, and where there are differences. Youth are placed front and centre as a key stakeholder and active agent of realising Africans sustainable development and transformation. The discussions will be along the four SDG Pillars which are: Social (SDG Goals 1-7), Economic (SDG Goals 8-12), Environmental (SDG Goals 13-15), and Governance (SDG Goals 16-17). The Youth will also be challenged to think beyond the SDGs and consider whether Africa has particular challenges, opportunities, and priorities that are not (well) represented or captured in the SDG. 

The Dialogue will provide a platform for young leaders from across the Continent to share experiences, and perspectives on what needs to be done to realise the SDGs in Africa by 2030. It will bring together political, civil service, civil society, and business leaders.

Reformers of Africa will be represented by two of its board members

Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre, Dar es Salaam,Tanzania
April 06, 2017

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