Intergenerational Dialogue

Intergenerational Dialogue

The prohibitive cost of nomination forms and other related electioneering expenses stands to stifle the aspiration of young people seeking elective political positions; this also cast a serious aspersion on the kind of democracy we practice as a nation- a non-inclusive, non-participatory, and divisive democracy.

Sequel to this, Reformers Of Africa co-organised an intergenerational dialogue with the theme, "Money Politics; Is There Political Inclusion For the Youth?".

This intergenerational dialogue was structured in such a way to be able to present different perspectives - from decision makers, Youth, Civil Societies, the electoral management body (INEC), voters, academia, journalist and budding politicians.

Youth activist and budding politicians were paired with decision makers and other actors in the electioneering process, with whom they debated on the theme.

The interactive nature of the session allowed the audience to participate, interact with the panelists and among themselves.

The objective of the dialogue is to try to identify concrete ways on how to improve the meaningful participation of young people in the governance and political processes.

AB Hotel & Suites, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria
November 20, 2018

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